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Click2Asia Staff Chatter!

-- Susie and Michael

Thank you Click2asia for putting together this site and also your speed dating event. I met my girlfriend Patricia at the rowland hts. event you put together on Dec 1st of this year. We have been having a great time ever since. Things are getting pretty serious, she is taking me overseas to meet her parents this month. We are thinking about getting married in march. Thanks for everything.

-- Vincent & Patricia - Los Angeles, CA

This is long over due but my husband (yes, husband!) and I want to thank Click2asia so much for providing a forum where Asian singles can meet..and hopefully fall in love! In February of 2003, my husband "flirted" me and I "flirted" back. We didn't let the fact that he lived in NY while I lived in CA get in the way of us being together. To make a long story short, two years and 3 months later, we got married!

We wish Click2asia continued success and we will always be happy to tell our friends how we met online! Thanks Again!

-- Trista and Douglas - Burbank, CA

We would both like to thank all of the wonderful people at Click2Asia, especially Pierre Wuu, for all their hard work setting up these types of events for people to meet. All it takes is one lucky encounter with the right person. We are crazy about each other right now and want to spend every moment together. If it hadn’t been for this speed dating event, both of us would probably still be single right now. Click2Asia has completely changed our lives.

-- Eric and Elizabeth - Los Angeles, CA

Hi, I just wanted to thank Click2asia for helping me meet my best friend, soulmate, and future wife. Annie and I have been dating for a year and half and we are getting married next year! This is a great website to meeting single Asians and I hope others will find love I as have on this site. Thanks!

-- Danny and Annie - San Francisco, CA

You did a fantastic job of organizing the Wine and Sushi event at R. Maki on May 21 in SFO. I really had a wonderful time at the gathering and met some very interesting folks.

I look forward to attending more events like that and hope that you continue to do great work for click2asia. I will encourage my single friends to join and participate.

I especially enjoyed the relaxed and low-key atmosphere. It was easy to talk to people, the lighting was good, the seating and space were ample, and the restaurant was in a convenient location and had a great decor.

-- keahiwae - San Francisco, CA

Wow!! I had one of the best vacations ever this past weekend. Congrats to Click 2 Asia and 7 Blue Seas for the awesome cruise that they put together. It was my first cruise and first time to Ensenada. Papa's and Beers was unreal!! I was initially talked into going on this trip by a friend and was not really into the whole idea until I got onboard. Alex from 7 Blue Seas was a lot of fun and Denise did a FANTASTIC job as the leader of her first cruise! I highly recommend the trip and will look forward to another Mexico trip or even a Carribean cruise? It was even better that we had a large group to party and hang out with. Looking forward to the poker tournament this weekend. Thanks everyone! Justin

-- jkim95865 - Sacramento, CA

It [cruise] was one of the best times i've ever had. Everybody was really friendly and Denise and Alex did a great job organizing everything. Great memories and would love to do it again soon!!! Thanks C2A!!! Joe S.

-- nikeguy - Sacramento, CA

Peter and Colleen met each other on Click2Asia!

-- Peter and Colleen - Los Angeles, CA

When Peter joined Click2asia, he was just hoping to meet some new people. After a few days of perusing profiles, he found Colleen and decided to email her. Though at the time, she was living in San Francisco while Peter was in Los Angeles, they became friends first through email.
"I've been to a Click2Asia event recently which was great because I met so many new friends. In particular I was fortunate enough to meet a very nice Korean female who became a friend and now my current girlfriend! Your speed dating events really work!!

Thanks so much Click2Asia!!!"

-- Gary - New York, NY

I used to use Match.com and didn't like it very much. I think its too broad because I am specifically looking to meet Asian men. By chance, a friend recommended this site to me. Its great! Click2Asia is geared toward Asian singles, just what I had been looking for.

-- VC - Los Angeles, CA

Dear Click2Asia,

Thanks to your speed dating event in New York City on Jan. 29th, I met my loving and caring boyfriend. We’ve been dating over a month now and just wanted to thank you for holding speed dating events! I met my sweetie on my second speed dating event and couldn’t be happier. =)

P.S. Attached is an image of me and my boyfriend.

-- Dana

At the event, I met Poan and instantly checked "Yes" next to his name because he was the only candidate who brought his own cup of Starbucks tea to the bar. My Long Island Iced Tea paled in comparison to his mighty cup of Green Tea. Before he said his first "Hello", I was convinced that he was quite a fellow.

-- sfbaybe

It's been 5 and a half blissful months since I met Poan at the San Francisco speed dating event held on May 15th. I was a skeptic at this party because it was my second speed dating event in a few months.
I never thought that I would ever meet my soulmate online let alone on a dating site.

-- sangdau - Vancouver, BC

Two weeks after our intial contact, Steve flew up here to Vancouver, Canada and we have been flying back and forth every couple of weeks since then. Our relationship is such a great blessing and I can not imagine how we would have ever been able to meet, if it were not for your site as Steve lives in California.
Dear Click2asia,
I want to let you know I really, really, love your events. There are not enough words to describe the absolutely fun time I have there. I meet so many beautiful girls, its almost too much to handle! Why is it better than any club or bar scene you ask?, Because a good time is practically guaranteed!!! I want to thank you personally for "hooking me up". I've tried match.com and others like it, but nothing compare to you guys. Click2asia.com is full of real people, and is now my homepage!! Keep up the excellent work!! I recommend you to everyone!! click2asia rules!

-- hughhugh

The last Baja cruise that Click2Asia organized was awesome. This is my
first Click2Asia event and I was quite impressed. This trip had
everything a complete vacation should have... Good food, drinks, dancing,
more drinks, and most importantly the great people.
The staff did an excellent job of organizing fun events. These events
were so fun that even others on board the ship decided to join our
Click2Asia group for dining, C2A basketball tournament, and late night
entertainment. By the end of the cruise, I have met some great people who
I consider are my new friends.

-- Buddylee999 - Irvine, CA

Out of all the Asian American online dating sites, C2A is THE BEST! It's easy to use, and the quality of the people are GREAT! I've made many newfriends, and not just where I live--all over the country! Thanks, C2A for everything!

-- --Cybergal1, San Francisco, CA

I just started click2asia this year and I was surprised to see so many asians on here from all over the country! I love meeting other asians with similar interests from different parts of the world and click2asia is great for that!!

-- missvenus - Toronto, Canada

Click2Asia makes dating fun and exciting. I've also made some great friends too!

-- Gomahjane - Los Angeles

"Click2Asia is a great website for young single asians.
They've hosted a lot of parties in Los Angeles, and I've been meeting a lot of interesting friends ever since. I've been having a great time on Click2Asia."

-- - Sweets888 - Irvine, CA

"I would like to say that I've been a member of
Click2Asia from the beginning and love your site. I
get a lot of emails from really nice people. I'm happy
to see that there is a site for Asian Americans to
engage in online dating."

-- Chinezxprincess - San Francisco, CA

I must admit I was apprehensive at first about dating online, but after being on Click2Asia for awhile, I really enjoy using it.

-- ashtanga - New York, NY

"Thank you Click2Asia for helping me find my boyfriend. We met on your site in January, and we've been together since. Thanks so much, we both think you guys are the best!!!"

-- vkay, New York, NY

"I wanted to thank you for putting this site together, it is always a welcome distraction to my studies... Thanks again for your hard work and good luck!"

-- -tkdeluxe – San Francisco, CA

" Thanks for the prompt and efficient service that your site has provided me. U guys are awesome."

-- -wangtiantian - Monterey Park, CA

If they have an experience to share with us, please email us at info@staff.click2asia.com

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