Peter and Colleen met each other on Click2Asia!

-- Peter and Colleen - Los Angeles, CA

When Peter joined Click2asia, he was just hoping to meet some new people. After a few days of perusing profiles, he found Colleen and decided to email her. Though at the time, she was living in San Francisco while Peter was in Los Angeles, they became friends first through email.

Peter and Colleen at the Click2Asia Launch Party in L.A. on Oct. 4th.

On the few occasions Peter would travel to the Bay Area for work, he would always consult with Colleen first to find the best places to go and the best restaurants to dine in. However, during these trips, it never occurred to either of them to actually meet.

They continued to email each other for about six months before they decided to meet. They had already established a sound friendship based on days and nights of instant messaging and waiting for the familiar “You’ve got mail” chime.

Their first meeting took place in Fresno while both were there on business. They were both nervous wrecks and wanted to meet at the nicest restaurant in town, which turned out to be the local equivalent to Bakers Square. Peter had brought wine and after a glass, all the butterflies they both had, settled. After dinner, they went to the only place that was open, a pool hall. It was a simple first meeting, but nonetheless a memorable one. Although there was a definite spark between them, the issue of distance dictated that they remain friends for the time being.

About eight months after their first meeting on Click2Asia, Peter and Colleen decided to throw caution into the wind and started dating long distance. They are now engaged and have been together for over two years. They believe that their meeting online was an integral part of their flourishing relationship. It not just facilitated their meeting, but also forced them to focus on who each other was, rather than purely what each other looked like.

Colleen admits that she had never intended to find love on Click2Asia, but rather just to try and meet some new friends. She recently moved to Los Angeles to help plan for their wedding set to take place next year

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