We would both like to thank all of the wonderful people at Click2Asia, especially Pierre Wuu, for all their hard work setting up these types of events for people to meet. All it takes is one lucky encounter with the right person. We are crazy about each other right now and want to spend every moment together. If it hadn’t been for this speed dating event, both of us would probably still be single right now. Click2Asia has completely changed our lives.

-- Eric and Elizabeth - Los Angeles, CA

Eric: This was my first experience with speed dating.

Elizabeth: As was mine.

Eric: The only reason I attended was because speed dating is so popular right now and I wanted to be able to just say that I’ve at least tried it once. I had been single for quite a while so I wasn’t expecting my luck to change that much from one event. In fact, before I left my house, I even joked with my roommate that I’d be back from the event really soon. When I first arrived and found my seat, sure enough, the two women assigned to my table hadn’t even arrived yet. Every other table seemed to be filled with attractive single women.

About a minute before the speed dating was to begin, a luminously beautiful woman sat down at my table. I was almost speechless. I looked at her card and realized she was actually the last girl I was supposed to talk to. But I figured I could get to know her before the event actually began, especially since the girl assigned to me hadn’t arrived yet, so I introduced myself and started a conversation with her.

Elizabeth: When I saw Eric, my first impression was that he was cute but since I hadn’t gotten to know his personality, I wasn’t that interested yet. Furthermore, there were nine other guys that I was looking forward to meeting that night and he was the last one assigned to me so it wasn’t even his turn yet. However, when he started talking to me, I did talk back to be polite but honestly, my brain was thinking, “Who’s next?”

Eric: When the event started, I began talking to her friend who was assigned to me for those five minutes. She was also late and had just sat down. The next table was completely devoid of women and one of the promoters even apologized to me for that, as if it were his fault. I smiled and pointed Elizabeth out to him and told him that I was going to be just fine. By the time I finally got to her after talking to all the other girls, the first thing she said was, “I’m too tired to talk to anyone anymore.”

Elizabeth: I really was tired at that point, after spending the past hour or so trying to make conversation and take notes about nine guys. Although speed dating is fun, it can also be very tiresome because there are virtually no breaks in between meeting two new people. However, part of me was sort of relieved that Eric was there because some of the previous guys I had spoken with were either too shy, too boring, or purposely acted disinterested. I was also on my way to another party after speed dating so I was in a hurry to leave. Therefore, during the next five minutes that I was talking to Eric, I remember constantly looking at my watch to see how much time I had left.

Eric: The speed dating officially ended minutes later, at which point I asked her for her phone number. I am very aware of the “rules” for speed dating but I didn’t care at that point.

Elizabeth: It was actually a really good thing that Eric asked for my number during that time because I actually forgot to turn in my checklist that night. By the time our conversation actually ended, all the Click2Asia people had already left and I still had the speed dating checklist in my hand! In Eric’s defense, however, other guys also did break the rules and asked for my number during the event. However, they got it during the event while Eric was proper enough to wait until the event ended to ask me.

Eric: During the time we were talking after the speed dating event ended, Elizabeth was actually on her way to a friend’s party but I managed to keep talking to her and her friend for the next half hour.

Elizabeth: By the time speed dating was over, I knew I was already really late to my friend’s party and had to go soon. I was thinking in my head, I really need to get going but this crazy guy just wouldn’t stop talking! The worst part was that his conversation was actually interesting! Although I really wanted to stay and chat, I still came up with the excuse, “It’s getting late and I’m getting hungry”, in hopes that my friend and I could finally get away.

Eric: When she mentioned that she was hungry, I immediately suggested that the three of us have dinner upstairs together in order to keep them longer, since the speed dating event was held at a restaurant that would convert into a club later in the evening.

Elizabeth: Being the type of person who just doesn’t know how to say ‘no’ without being rude and making it appear that I wasn’t interested, I accepted politely but unwillingly. By that time, however, I had finally given in to the reality that it was going to be too late to go to the party anymore and I would probably not be able to make it that night.

Eric: After they accepted, we went upstairs to have dinner and I had a great time. I even told them straightforwardly that I was having a great time chatting and having dinner with them. I was so attracted to Elizabeth that I had to make a huge effort not to stare at her. I was completely over the moon just being in her presence.

Elizabeth: When he expressed what a great time he was having, I was actually thinking, “What a loser… After all, we’re just having dinner. What’s so special about that?” Of course, I didn’t say that and just smiled since he was a complete gentleman that night.

Eric: When we finished dinner, a lot of people were already starting to show up for the club and the music was getting better. We decided to hit the dance floor too and danced the night away.

Elizabeth: The minute we hit the dance floor, I discovered what a great dancer Eric was. He showed me awesome dance moves and we had so much fun in the club that night. By the time the night was over, I was actually completely captivated and really hoping that he’d ask me out again.

Eric: After several hours of dancing and sweating, it started getting late so we finally said goodbye. The minute I got into my car, I immediately called a close friend in Atlanta and left him a rambling two minute message about meeting this incredible person named Elizabeth. Poor guy, it was around 4 AM on the east coast. The next morning, he called me and told me to follow my instincts. I decided to call her less than 12 hours after saying goodbye, which was completely against the advice of all my other friends who followed the “3-day rule”. She picked up and we talked for a half hour before I finally had the nerve to ask her out. That same night! She accepted and I picked her up for dinner later that day.

Elizabeth: When I got the first call from Eric the next morning, I was so excited, especially since most guys wait 3 days to ask a girl out. Although I already had plans for that day, I decided that spending time with this guy would probably be more important than attending another party. For some unexplainable reason, there was something different about this guy that captured my interest, unlike all the other guys that I’ve dated. So I accepted his invitation for dinner and cancelled my plans to attend my friend’s graduation party that night. After he picked me up, we grabbed sushi and had excellent conversation throughout dinner. We couldn’t stop talking to each other and couldn’t keep our eyes off one another.

Eric: Even though she had to get up early for work the next day, we still went to grab boba tea after dinner, although it was already late. Within the first week of meeting her, we saw each other four times and did activities ranging from dinner and movie to running together on the beach. Since then, we have been inseparable despite the fact that we live almost 40 miles apart.

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